Keeping the kids engaged, educated and entertained during these unusual times we know is going to be a challenge. So we’ve created Brain Phizz for a bit of creative fun. But fun is just one aspect, we’ve also added in the opportunity for your kids to see their creative results in a weekly video and they’ll also receive a Brain Phizz certificate for taking part.

Here’s how it works:

  • Download this week's Brain Phizz brief here
  • Draw up your ideas send to us by the end of Thursday
  • Send your ideas to this email address:
  • Get ready for the gallery video which will be published on Friday afternoon to see your work!

To enter and have your work showcased on the weekly gallery video:

Send your entry to* and it will be published in a video on Friday 27th March on our webpage

*Sending an email to this competition means agreeing to our privacy policy. Your email address will not be used for marketing purposes. By sending us any assets via email to,, you agree to us using this on our website for promotional purposes.