What is Adobe Kickbox innovation training?

Adobe Kickbox is an innovation training process that Adobe developed for its own use and then open sourced to enable practitioners to adapt locally. We’re Kickbox practitioners and have delivered training to some of the largest organisations in the UK, and some smaller organisations with big ambitions.

It’s both a process for individuals and a system for deploying that process across an organisation at scale. It’s designed to increase innovator effectiveness, accelerate innovation velocity, and measurably improve innovation outcomes. It can also optimise innovation investments by reducing costs compared to traditional approaches. Thousands of organisations worldwide are now benefitting from using Adobe Kickbox.

Who is it for?

Adobe Kickbox delivers an actionable process for discovering new opportunities, validating customer engagement, and evaluating new business potential. It includes tools that help innovators define, refine, validate, and evolve their idea.

Kickbox helps organisations

-   Increase innovation quantity, quality, and speed across the organisation

-   Empower existing innovators to be more effective and more engaged

-   Identify and activate latent innovators who may not know they’re innovators

-   Foster an innovation culture and attract innovators to the organisation

Kickbox helps innovators

-   Be more effective and have more impact

-   Build valuable skills and innovation experience e.g. ideation, divergent thinking, and business validation

-   Increase job satisfaction and engagement

-   Discover, or rediscover, their passion for delighting customers

What's in the box?

The Kickbox is a small, red cardboard box containing everything an employee needs to generate, prototype, and test a new idea. Each participant receives a box to keep and share. (digital versions are available).

The top of the box features a fire alarm image with the words “Pull in Case of Idea” written on it. When you break open the seal, you’ll find instruction cards, a pen, two Post-It note pads, two notebooks, a Starbucks gift card, a bar of chocolate and with an option to put a prepaid credit card with an amount of money you are happy to invest in each participant (normally between £100 - £250). The card can be used on anything the employee would like or need without ever having to justify it or fill out an expense report.

The instructions inside the Kickbox take the form of a six-level curriculum that encourages employees to beat each level and “beat the box.” Each level contains exercises and a checklist. The exercises are designed to guide employees from ideation stages to a small-scale test. The sixth level’s exercise is selling the idea to management. Putting selling to management as the final level is intended to democratise the process of getting new ideas – like many organisations, Adobe feared that its most creative ideas weren’t ever getting tested because they had to be sold to management first, to even be given a budget for prototyping. Presentation skills can be practised during the training.

Kickbox Innovation Training £4,500

-   The training lasts two consecutive days and is delivered by an experienced practitioner.

-   The Ideal number of participates per training session is between 7-15.

-   Multiple training sessions can be booked within organisations.

-   The training fees are fixed at £4,500 for two consecutive days of training. This includes expenses and preparation time to ensure the training is tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements. The prepaid credit card and the amount of money on it is an extra cost if required. The costs of printing the red box and its contents is also an extra cost if required and a quotation can be provided.

We credit Adobe for the creation of Kickbox, we provide this link to the license https://kickbox.org and we have indicated changes were made in a reasonable manner for the UK market, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses us or our use.

The training materials can be downloaded for free https://kickbox.org

Get in touch

Please get in touch to talk directly to your Adobe Kickbox practitioner about what your organisation wants to achieve with this training.