Top tips and tricks for a successful digital marketing campaign

Here at OTB we specialise in a wide range of marketing, from digital platforms to print, from B2B to B2C, brand development to strategy creation. With creativity lying at the heart of our agency we are always looking for new ways to bring excitement and flare to any marketing campaign and exploring the latest trends in the marketing world. This week we take a look at top tips and tricks for the dynamic world of digital marketing, as we delve deep into the realm of social media, email and much much more.

1) Know your customers

According to an interesting study by Forbes which predicted the secret to successful digital marketing in 2015, it is becoming more important than ever to know you customers. Inside out, like the back of your hand, however you choose to describe it without detailed knowledge of the needs, preferences and habits of your chosen demographic, it will prove extremely difficult to drive your digital campaign to any high level successes.

Key insights from the Forbes article include targeting millennials as a primary audience for digital campaigns; actively build relationships with customers through online platforms, and remembering that digital marketing doesn’t just mean email and social media marketing. According to statistics Forbes argues that on average 109.5 text messages are sent per day, and 63% of women and 73% of men will check their phone every hour, so it is worth investing a proportion of your digital marketing strategy on mobile marketing channels.

2) Be social media savvy

There is little doubt that social media provides a central element of any digital marketing campaign. The ease with which it is possible to contact key demographics, create relationships and affiliations with your brand and ensure that content remains fresh and engaging all make social media a key platform of choice for many SME and blue chip organisations when it comes to digital marketing. But a key tip to remember is that using one social media platform is often not enough to create an online presence, and it is important to think carefully about which social media platforms can best serve the needs of a business.

This week saw the launch of the Apple Watch, the long awaited product from the minds of Apple Geniuses and the latest addition to their leading technology range. The Apple Watch’s ability to support selected social media content from Twitter and Instagram demonstrates an interesting opportunity for digital marketers to optimise their content for new technology and reach consumers in more creative, direct ways. Though asMarketingLand has rightly pointed out, key social media player and often default choice of digital marketers Facebook is most notable by its absence. As new technology and new trends sweep social media, it is important to consider which platform is most relevant to a brand, and the access it can promise in the coming months.

3) Content still reigns supreme

It is easy to get carried away creating a digital marketing campaign which covers every platform and uses all the latest techniques, but really has nothing much to say. Yet the continuing importance of content marketing to creating a digital marketing strategy should not be under-estimated, as the rule quality over quantity still rings true in the vast majority of cases. Influential business and start-up argues that content should still remain central to a digital campaign, arguing that while content is often overlooked as a marketing tool ‘it is the vehicle for conveying your brand’s message: if your content is not clear and message not well-formulated, you will undoubtedly struggle to succeed’.

It is also worth noting that content holds a key benefit when integrated into a successful digital marketing campaign; it’s cheap. Whether you are small or medium enterprise looking to start up in a new market or a global blue chip company looking to cut costs and remain competitive in a difficult financial environment, content can provide a cheap but proven way to enhance your digital marketing campaign and increase your Return on Investment on strategy. By embracing creativity, originality and flare, you can make content work for your digital strategy, with little or no cost to your marketing budget.

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