The top tv marketing campaigns to get your creative juices flowing

TV advertising has long since been a go-to platform for brands seeking to connect with audiences, create a wide reach and show off their creative marketing credentials. Although newer platforms such as social media and online video arguably offer marketers greater opportunities for limitless creativity, time and again brands trust TV with their principal advertising campaigns and consistently look for new ways to inject TV with creativity.

This week Marketing Magazine featured the The Thinkboxes Awards, ‘the first awards to celebrate the UK’s world-beating TV ad creativity, in all its forms, at regular way-points throughout the year.’ Working with huge names in marketing such as Haymarket Brand Media (best known for publication Brand Republic) and boasting a judging panel of over 200 marketing professionals, these awards are a tour-de-force of all things TV marketing and creativity.

The most recent winner of a Thinkboxes Award as highlighted by Marketing Magazine was The AA’s ‘We’ve Seen it All’, created by marketing agency giants Adam & Eve DBB and showing a montage of unusual call out problems as experienced by the AA patrol team. Aiming to show the diversity of services the AA offers and its position as one of the UK’s leading call-out teams, the ad blends subtle British humour with easily recognisable scenarios to connect the audience to its advert. From a pair of nudists who lost their keys on holiday to the ice cream van stranded on the beach, the advert is light-hearted and original, and has just this week been hailed as the winner of a creativity award.

But it’s not just Thinkboxes winners who have shown high levels of creativity in their TV marketing.McDonalds and BETC Paris have sparked interest in their latest campaign featuring oversized emoji people as the focus of their summer marketing spree, as emojis of all shapes and sizes go about their daily lives and enjoy their McDonalds meals. With the soundtrack ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ and the long-established restaurant tagline ‘Come as you are’, the advert blends the traditional McDonalds feel-good advertising with a modern twist for the TV.

Sometimes the beauty of TV advertising is in its ability to tell a story and capture the imagination of an audience in a way that is difficult to mirror on online or other digital platforms. Honda’s recent TV campaignis a case in point, as by using stunning camera work and a simple story line they were able to capture the spirit of creativity so integral to their company’s brand ethos. Here Honda challenges the audience to ‘dare to do the things others only dream of’, leaving us to decide for ourselves where this space-themed journey will end.

Whether its space-bound cars, McDonald-eating people with yellow heads or some unfortunate motorists, these adverts have captured creativity and story-telling in their TV marketing campaigns in recent weeks, and proved that TV still holds immense value for capturing the hearts and minds of an audience.

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