Summer is here! Fill your marketing with sunshine this week

OTB takes a look at all things summer as we welcome in British Summer Time…

Although looking out of the window may cause you to question our sanity in proclaiming that summer is here, we haven’t gone mad. Sunday 29th March marked the official start of British Summer Time, so here at OTB be thought we’d bring some sunshine to your week by reviewing some of the best marketing campaigns of the summer and highlighting some top tips for making your marketing shine this year.

Whether the focus is on marketing summer holidays, iconic brands launching new summer products or organisations brightening up campaigns, summer is a strange time for marketing. Brimming with positivity and colour, summer can often be a fun time to liven up a marketing campaign and help consumers to join the spirit of happiness and relaxation. Yet unlike other times of the year there are less obvious seasonal draws to provide a clear focus for campaigns, and it is often easy to let motivation slip and allow summer to be overlooked.

With these factors in mind, can summer really make such a difference to a campaigns style and messaging? The answer seems to be yes, with a number of lessons to be learned from successful summer season campaigns which have avoided the dry spell often associated with these warmer months. In an interesting article by Social Media Today, it is argued that the lack of competition often present throughout the summer can be used to a company’s advantage by creating a dynamic social media campaign to encourage brand recognition and association. They said, ‘brands that are smart about leveraging user-generated content are not only driving awareness, but also engagement’, which is a key goal of any marketer whatever the time of year.

Social Media Today highlighted some of the most successful summer social media campaigns, including toiletries brand Always’ #LikeAGirl drive which resulted in one of the biggest viral videos of 2014. With the aim of questioning the connotations of the phrase ‘like a girl’ and the effect this can have on teenage girls’ self-confidence, the video was viewed 47 million times in just a few weeks and took full advantage of the relative quiet of the summer months to spread an important message.

LinkedIn Pulse also shared Social Media Today’s appreciation of the #LikeAGirl campaign, while also highlighting Coca Cola’s continued success of the Share A Coke campaign which remained popular as temperatures rose last summer. Yet according to RetailWeek summer 2015 looks set to be a relatively quiet year in terms of high-profile summer events able to inspire innovative marketing campaigns. RetailWeek argues that in years where international sporting events such as the Olympics or the Commonwealth Games are held brands are more likely to come forward and set the creative agenda for the summer, yet when years are quieter it is often left to retailers and consumers to decide what becomes successful for the season. Alastair Lockhart, director of insight at Savvy Marketing, has highlighted the rise of cheaper retailers as a key driver expected for summer 2015 saying; ‘with discounters scaling up their operations – and resultant market share – the big four grocers in particular need to drive shopper engagement through events to excite and inspire. We expect this will be a key differentiator and success factor for 2015.’

Although the summer weather may not have reached us just yet, planning ahead and taking note of gaps in the market seem to be the key lessons to keep in mind as we move towards the summer months. Here at OTB we can’t wait for the sunshine.

Summer is here! Fill your marketing with sunshine this week