OTB’s favourite campaigns of 2018

2018 produced some of the finest advertising campaigns in living memory. I can’t remember a time where the standard has been higher in terms of approach and content. From the hard-hitting and socially responsible to the less serious but nonetheless thought-provoking campaigns, it was a great year for capturing the attention of the consumer.

There was an undeniable shift in the aims of advertising in 2018. Companies were no longer satisfied with product sales being the sole focus of their work; they wanted to create narratives that mattered and ultimately impacted their target audience.

I did the rounds in the OTB office to see which campaigns held the greatest significance with our staff and why.

Luke Brown, Technical Director – Greenpeace’s ‘Rang-tan’

Totally Greenpeace’s, ‘Rang-tan’ for me. And I mean Greenpeace’s campaign, not Iceland using it for corporate gain. The whole campaign was well thought out, effective and gained a lot of traction due to the way it was delivered. Heartfelt and poignant films are always going to be viewed, liked and shared heavily.

Niall Ballinger, Copywriter – Brewdog’s ‘Bad Beer Amnesty’

I’m not a fan of Brewdog or their beer, but I thought this campaign was a very clever way of promoting their new beer while ‘trashing’ the quality of beer on offer from their competitors. They positioned their new beer as one made with ‘soul and passion’, a great alternative to the mass-produced and unappetising market-dominating lagers available.

Dan Duggan, Senior Art Worker – Versus Arthritis ‘Versus Arthritis’

It’s a subject close to my heart and it’s proved to be a very hard hitting, thought-provoking piece.

Jennie Stubbs, Account Manager – BT ‘Take Them All On’

It’s a great advert for this day and age; it highlights that girls are just as capable as boys in the field of sport and they should be encouraged in equal measure… plus, she reminds me of myself when I was at school haha!

Mark Davies, Managing Director – Pepsi ‘Uncle Drew’

A playful ad starring an A-list celebrity – a winning combination!

Dave Easton, Creative Director – Lurpak Softest ‘Smoooth’

A well-crafted advert - the constant moving from left to right is hypnotic!

Jo Waddington, Managing Director – KFC says ‘FCK’

My favourite campaign of the year isn’t so much a campaign as a single ad. KFC’s response to their monumental cock-up at the start of this year was brilliant. A simple, to the point, very clever, apology press ad.

Sarah Shuck, Senior Account Manager – Greenpeace’s ‘Rang-tan’

Despite falling foul to advertising standards for Iceland, it has been huge on social media and raised awareness about palm tree products. It was incredibly emotive and powerful. Worst ad has to be John Lewis – what a waste of money that could have gone to a much better cause.

Matt Sperling, Motion Design Intern – Greenpeace’s ‘Rang-tan’

The advert had a huge impact even though is breached advertising regulations and was not allowed to be aired!

Sam Holden, Senior Account Manager – McDonald’s ‘Reindeer Ready’

I thought it had great standout quality, was surprising and fit nicely with their wider brand campaigns.

Here’s to a 2019 jam-packed with equally stimulating content!

OTB’s favourite campaigns of 2018