Evolution of brands: Apple

This week we will be focusing on the evolution of American super companies over the past few years and how they use and develop their logos to maintain maximum brand identity and to develop growth as a company. Today it’s the turn of Apple, who started out in the 70’s and are now one of the largest and most innovative companies in the world.

Apple is one of the largest companies in the world. It is known globally for its innovative ideas and products including IPhone, IPod, IPad, Macs and many more complex products. One of the most iconic things about Apple is its logo which creates strong brand identity and is recognised by everyone, no matter what country they are in. As Apple has grown stronger and stronger their logo has undergone some development and it is an interesting story behind the famous apple logo and one that most people may not be aware of.

The famous apple logo began as the Newton Crest when the company started its journey in 1976. The idea behind the Newton Crest is that it represents Isaac Newton sitting under a tree with an apple dangling above his head. As the brand soon took off at high speed and started rapid development it decided to put its logo through its paces and it underwent dramatic development.

Later on in 1976, Apple decided it was time to develop a fresh faced logo which better represented the modernisation of the company and its products. Rob Janoff was behind the new masterpiece known as the Rainbow logo. This later went on to become one of the most iconic and familiar corporate logos in history. The designer himself told the world that the reason behind the bite in the apple was that people would recognise the symbol as being an apple and not a tomato. The rainbow colours in the design were not actually given much thought, they were just there to humanise the design and give it a fresh look as the company moved forward into a more modern era.

As apple started to rapidly grow to become one of the largest companies in the world and started to develop even more innovative and fascinating products, it decided that the rainbow logo just didn’t fit in with the new brand image and growth of them as a company. It was decided that the colours were to be axed and a more modern and simple look was brought in involving a plain and simple silver apple. To this day the silver apple still remains on some products as it is a stylish, modern logo which fits with any piece of apple technology.

Recently, Apple commented in an updated corporate identity guideline saying that when their products and customers change, their brand apple evolves to adapt to this change. They have therefore recently stated that they use the same level of standards and innovation that they use to develop their products to develop their logo. The company believe that the solid colour of their current logo emphasises the timeless shape of the apple and the developments of the apple over the years reflect the growth which the company has sustained since it began in the 1970’s.

Apple is such a globally recognisable company that it is important that their logo portrays them as the innovative and fast moving company they are. The apple logo is recognised all over the world and is Apple’s main form of brand identity. It is amazing to see how the logo started off and how it has been developed to portray Apple’s growth as a company whilst still going through minimal change. The logo has kept the same basic shape throughout each transformation and remains a very simple design yet still manages to do its job of promoting brand awareness. It will be interesting to see what changes, if any the logo will go through over the next few years and what this will do for the brand, however it doesn’t look likely that Apple will majorly transform its logo anytime soon but one thing that will most certainly remain the same throughout any transformation is the famous shape of the logo itself.

Evolution of brands: Apple