Eggstravagant. Eggcellent. Eggceptional. Yes, you guessed it, it’s Easter.

With the Easter holidays fast approaching, brands of all shapes and sizes are making the final push with their Easter marketing campaigns. No longer the preserve of chocolatiers and confectioners, supermarkets and DIY stores alike are capitalising on the marketing opportunities the four day weekend has to offer. Missed this year’s campaigns? Here at OTB we’ve chosen a few of our favourites to get you in the mood. 

Which came first

The age old riddle of ‘which came first, the chicken or the egg’, has become the focus of M&S’ Easter campaign for 2016. Using the backing track Rather Be that has become synonymous with their iconic food campaigns like ‘Adventures in Imagination’, M&S has continued its glossy, product-focused style of advertising to create a playful yet simple Easter campaign. With the tagline ‘chickens, eggs and all things Easter’, the ‘Adventures of which came first’ advert will be airing this week to showcase the range of luxury chocolate eggs on offer.

Content and Chocolate

In a recent interview with Econsultancy, chocolate specialists Thorntons have offered an insight into their focus on content creation when it comes to the art of selling chocolate. Thorntons explained the importance of creating content which can be aligned with either online or offline platforms, yet still maintain consistency and brand. Thorntons argued ‘whenever we produce content we try to think about our customers' interactions […] across all channels. This often includes digital, retail stores and FMCG partners in order to give our audience the best possible brand experiences.’

When it comes to Easter, Thorntons have channeled this approach to focus on the heritage and tradition of the brand as a chocolatier. Their ‘Ultimate Guide to Easter Eggs’ offers customers the chance to win a tour of the Thorntons factory and a years supply of chocolate, extensive information on how the Easter Egg tradition came to be, and how to arrange your own Easter Egg hunt, making Thorntons’ approach to content highly interactive and engaging for its wide range of audiences. 

Something a little less sweet

If you’re not a chocaholic, fear not, there are a wealth of Easter marketing campaigns out there for you too.

Perhaps one of the most iconic Easter pastimes has come to be a long weekend spent doing DIY. Cue the B&Q advert. This Easter B&Q have developed a creative Easter marketing campaign which urges its customers to ‘move beyond thinking in "black and white”’ when it comes to do it yourself. The advert, which stars an anthropomorphic family of zebras who’s youngest member wanted to inject a little colour into his new home, has sought to demonstrate just how many transformational home products can be found in store. According to an interview with Marketing Magazine, B&Q hope that ‘with a more down to earth tone, the campaign creates more optimism, energy and encouragement’ ready for the Easter rush.

Other less chocolatey Easter campaigns include Carlsberg, who this year are sticking to their iconic brand line with the 'If Carlsberg Did Chocolate Bars' campaign. Focused on experiential marketing, 'If Carlsberg Did Chocolate Bars' will be unveiled at the Old Truman Brewery in London on 23 March, according to The Drum. Although most of the details are being kept as a closely guarded secret by Carlsberg, visitors have been promised a free beer in honour of a ‘Hoppy Easter’. 

Still not had your Easter marketing fill? Check out Unilever’s buttery bunny for the launch of its latest Stork product and how Cadbury’s have paid homage to Nessie the Loch Ness monster with their giant Easter egg stunt.

Eggstravagant. Eggcellent. Eggceptional. Yes, you guessed it, it’s Easter.