Did Someone Say Christmas? OTB’S Sneak Peak At The Early Movers For This Year's Festive Marketing

Yes, we know it’s only November, but as sure as autumn will bring rain, bonfires and long dark nights, brands will begin their festive marketing weeks in advance of this marketers and sales paradise. This week saw the launch of advertising from campaigns from some of the nation’s biggest companies, and even a potential teaser trailer for one of Christmas’ most talked about marketing phenomenons; the annual John Lewis Christmas advert. So even if you’re trying to bury your head in the sand when it comes to Christmas shopping and family dinner plans, take a moment to explore some of the newest marketing campaigns filled with great marketing insights, strong brand representation and, of course, a sprinkle of festive spirit.


One of the busiest times of the year for supermarkets big and small, the competition to draw early shoppers and bargain hunters through the doors has begun. The need for supermarkets to set their brand apart from others, whether this be on price, quality or a strong customer-brand relationship, is a year-round battlefield that always reaches new heights in the run up to Christmas.

One of the first to release its festive advert this week was Lidl, whose phenomenal growth to become a leading retailer has presented a marketing challenge for its competitors. This year Lidl has presented us with its very own #SchoolofChristmas, whereby in preparation for the big day its customers learn all the necessary skills to make the event special – what to do when your turkey is too big for the oven, how to avoid creating a spiders web of fairy lights and of course, how to make the perfect left over sandwich.

By speaking to its customers on a personal, recognisable level and using imagery most British families can associate with in their own homes, Lidl has created a humorous, down to earth campaign that is sure to be a success in the coming weeks. Georgina O’Donnell, Lidl's head of communications said in a recent article byThe Drum: "With a splash of humour, our various ‘classes’, featuring across multiple channels, will help shoppers navigate this tricky time of year and get every ‘Lidl’ thing they need for Christmas."


While nativity scenes may be a regular feature of much more traditional Christmas imagery, this week high-fashion brand Mulberry have created a new spin on the scene for the release of their seasonal marketing campaign ‘The Mulberry Miracle’. Created by marketing powerhouse Adam & Eve DDB, Mulberry’s festive advert blends humour and traditional storytelling to create a fittingly 21st century twist on an age old tale.

As two shepherds and three wise men arrive to pay their respects to the gift of a Mulberry Bayswater bag, this campaign cleverly appeals to the plight of the male Christmas shopper in what is still a female-dominated season when it comes to targeted advertising. Anne Marie Verdin, the brand director at Mulberry told Marketing Magazine, "Our research shows that men are particularly nervous about the consequences of getting it wrong. We like to make people smile in the run up to their hopefully… perfect Christmas."


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the suspense and wondering surrounding the latest instalment of John Lewis’ award-winning and heart-warming festive marketing campaigns. This Christmas super-brand caused a stir this week as marketing industry commentators speculated as to whether a teaser trailer for the upcoming TV advert has been released.

According to Marketing Magazine and PR Week, a ten second clip aired during Sunday evening’s X-Factor has caused a Twitter storm of activity as marketers and Christmas-ad fans alike speculated as to whether this lightning fast clip was in fact the first in this year’s campaign from John Lewis. Although the reports have not been confirmed, it is believed that the preview of the official advert is due to be aired online this Friday 6th November, fitting with John Lewis’ social media -first release strategy as used in previous years.

The clip itself is so short its link hasn’t been posted to YouTube, so fans of the John Lewis Christmas adverts and loyal customers will simply have to watch and wait to see if this year’s marketing campaign will be taking us to a whole new world of festive fever.

While we may not be decking the halls here at OTB just yet, we’ll certainly be keeping our eyes peeled for the latest instalment of the Christmas marketing saga. Stay tuned…

Did Someone Say Christmas? OTB’S Sneak Peak At The Early Movers For This Year's Festive Marketing