Baby Fever Marketing: Evian

Following the announcement that the Royal Baby has finally arrived, this week’s blog is dedicated to the world of baby-based marketing.

Today we are looking at Evian, the French mineral water company recently made famous for its innovative baby-based marketing strategy. The company, which is owned by multinational giant Danone Group, promotes itself as a luxury and expensive bottled water which helps maintain high levels of hydration, especially among pregnant and breastfeeding mums.

Evian’s new marketing strategy first emerged with the launch of its “Live Young” campaign. Although not aimed at a baby-specific market, the “Live Young” campaign aims to highlight Evian’s key values; a vision of youth, a positive attitude and an open mind.

The first phase of the “Live Young” campaign began in 2008 with the launch of “Roller Babies”, a video-based advert showing the effect Evian water can have on the body. The video shows a number of babies break-dancing and roller-blading through the streets to hip-hop music in an amazing use of digital editing and creative spirit. The babies create a vibrant, fun advert which immediately captured the interest of a global market – the advert has since become the most viewed online ad ever with almost 250 million views, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

Since the viral success of the “Roller Babies” campaign, “Live Young” has grown to become a diversified marketing strategy with the Evian Babies taking on a pop-culture status. In recent years, the Evian has created the “Baby Inside” which featured a number of people in t-shirts with a baby’s body on them, creating a comical image that captured the fun-loving nature of the Evian brand.

More recently a further phase of the campaign has been launched in the form of “Baby and Me”. The advert shows passers by catching a glimpse of themselves in a mirror, only to find a baby version of themselves looking back out. The advert portrays the message of being connected with your inner-baby – which according to Evian’s global brand director Laurent Houel “creates a sense of freedom, of letting go, of spontaneous and communicative frenzy”. As with the “Roller Babies” campaign, “Baby and Me” has proved hugely popular and has generated 100 million views online and led to the launch of a “Baby and Me” app which allows customers to create a highly accurate baby version of themselves.

The global success of the Evian “Live Young” campaign has demonstrated the immense power of creating an original concept which captures the imagination of its customers and the wider global audience. Despite the fact that Evian is neither a baby-product brand nor focussed on a baby-specific target market, the creation of the “Evian Babies” has proved a huge success and generated immense levels of customer interaction. The diversification of the strategy into the ever-popular world of Smartphone apps and social media in recent years indicates that Evian’s global success looks set to continue for many years to come.

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Baby Fever Marketing: Evian