Moulding success with Chase Plastics

From the outside looking in, the plastic recycling industry can seem unglamorous and has for too long operated on the single minded proposition of being cheap and cheap alone. Chase Plastics is a family-run business with a traditional and loyal customer base that wanted to expand their reach within the sector, favouring high quality, durable materials that perform well and last over discount prices.

With product performance, material quality and traceability high on their agenda, Chase Plastics offer their clientele total peace of mind with a product that is built to last.

Ultimately, most businesses that are involved in sustainable initiatives predictably opt for green paint – and lots of it – but Chase Plastics wanted to steer away from that. Instead, they wanted to focus largely on the clinical and precise nature of their work and the professional service they provide. As CEO David Harris noted in our initial discussions, they wanted to demonstrate how they enable their customers to meet sustainability ambitions without compromising profitability. Making more customers aware of this and raising their profile as a business was the primary objective of this rebrand.

We’ve developed a close working partnership with the Chase Plastics team over the years, so naturally we were best placed to oversee and implement these changes. As pressure continues to mount on businesses to embrace more sustainable materials and practices, it’s imperative that these materials perform as well, if not better, than single use plastic.

At Chase Plastics, their heritage has always centred around quality of material and service, so this wasn’t an issue, but we needed to ensure prospective clients were aware of their capabilities in the sector. After all, they are one of a select few companies in their sector that can boast of holding an EuCertPlast certification.

To address this, we first met with members of their team to discuss their future ambitions and vision for the business, before designing and rolling out a multitude of new brand assets for the company to utilise and elevate their standing in a professional sense, meaning customers saw high-performing rather than merely recycled materials. We redesigned the logo to look more modern and precise with mouldable plastic in a bubble format, and delivered a new website that was attractive, informative and reassuring to clients old and new.

As many of their clients are dealing with billions of pounds in revenue and thousands of employees, it was vital that every piece of brand architecture – be it the signage on the front of the building or the detail on a business card – reassured existing and prospective clients and presented an image of reliability, confidence and substance. We were able to build upon and expand their online presence, improving online visibility and reach, increasing conversion rates and ultimately producing a greater return on investment in the long term. 

Since the changes have been implemented, Chase Plastics have noticed a telling difference in not only the number of leads they are attracting but also the quality of leads they are receiving through their website and LinkedIn. They have received numerous requests from businesses all over the world interested in partnering with Chase Plastics, something that David Harris admits wouldn’t have been imaginable with their old brand look and feel in place.

In addition to this, the company have received many requests from University of Cambridge PHD students, proving that up and coming industry leaders not only have synergies with what they do, but that they are also at the forefront of what they do and an attractive prospect to emerging talent.

For the team at OTB Agency, this is exactly the type of project that gets us out of bed in the morning and excited about what we do. Chase Plastics already had a fantastic business and an even better product, they just needed our help in finding the right identity and establishing a global platform to expand their reach.

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