How to unlock a winning integrated marketing strategy

The concept of integrated marketing strategies is a long-standing one, though one which can often be overlooked amidst corporate jargon and buzz words that so frequently dominate marketing discussions. In a market where the demands for a multi-faceted, intra-platform campaign are higher than ever, understanding the tools and techniques needed to make your marketing strategy integrated has never been more important. So we thought we’d take a look at a handful of tips and tricks to integrated marketing from our wealth of industry experience, and help you find the keys to unlocking this useful marketing tool.


It may sound obvious, but understanding integrated marketing and the value it holds are crucial steps to embracing the strategy for your business. Often it is easy to call your campaign integrated because you know that’s what is required, without putting the tools in place to increase the effectiveness of your campaign. A sleek, consistent brand message which is translated cleanly across all marketing platforms, whether traditional or digital, and compatible with all your techniques, be it mass marketing, direct or one to one, is key to a successful integrated strategy. Marketing giant The Drum says that planning with integration in mind is essential, and requires multi-channel media planning skills, performance tracking and data interoperation capabilities, and a keen eye on creativity among others to be successful. The Drum estimates that ‘the multi-channel media campaign management market is predicted to be worth $2.7 billion within four years’, so understanding these techniques is only going to become more important in the coming years.


Focusing on the customer, the heart and soul of your business, can be a useful tool when developing an integrated marketing campaign. The Drum argues that ‘any well planned campaign starts with your target market, so get[ting] to know your audience, understand[ing] exactly who they are and what they’re looking for’ is key to starting to build an integrated approach. Understanding how your target market will interact with your campaign, and which platforms best reach which segments, can provide crucial insights to consistently improve your strategy and streamline your approach. Influential industry website business2community.comhas also highlighted the importance of putting the customer at the centre, arguing that talking to customers to find out exactly what they need from your company, and how they want to access it, is the first step towards developing an integrated strategy that works for everyone.


If you’re new to integrated marketing why not take the opportunity to learn from industry experts and see what insights you can gain to apply to your own field. This week Figaro Digital will be hosting their annual Retail Conference in London’s Prospero House, with huge names in retail joining together to discuss a huge range of techniques and top tips for making the most of marketing. With an impressive line-up of speakers including Branded3’s Creative Director Andrew Machin, Marketing Director of Ben Carter and Vijayanta Gupta, the Head of Product and Industry Marketing at Adobe Systems Europe the event looks set to be an insightful and enjoyable day. Even if you’re not in retail, with topics such as omnichannel marketing, creating a customer-first strategy, generating audience engagement and intelligent email marketing, the Figaro Digital Conference is not to be missed if you want to learn about integration from those who know.

Need some help with creating your integrated marketing strategy? Contact OTB today to see what we can do for you and your company.

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