Being Human; 3 tips for making your marketing more human

Having a strong humanity at the centre of your brand can go a long way to being seen as approachable, trustworthy and reliable.

In an age when so many brand functions are reliant on automated technology, the human touch is an important way to remain engaged with customers and continue personalisation. This week we’re looking at three important ways you can make your marketing more human.

1. Put emotion at the heart of your brand

Emotion is one tool that automated marketing technology has yet to master, and injecting your marketing strategy with feeling can be a vital way to draw an emotional response from your target audience.

This is exactly what Microsoft sought to do with their launch of an emotive Windows 10 campaign back in 2015.

Speaking to Marketing Week last week, Microsoft’s top marketer Kathleen Hall argued that the campaign was part of a wider goal to reposition Microsoft as far more than a tech giant. Microsoft now aims to focus on what the device can do for people, rather than the technology in and of itself – an approach that hopes to stand out from the technology crowd.

Hall argues ‘the idea of humanising [Windows 10] really resonated with people. We look at recall, the message landing, branding metrics and all that was the best we could have hoped for. And the upgrade data is all where we want it to be.’

By tapping into the emotion that connects people to your brand, it is possible for even the most tech-heavy offering to convey emotion and humanity.

2. Promote an idea

Often marketing can go far beyond selling a product or service and become the foundation for promoting an idea, an ideology or even a way of life.

This is exactly what Samsung have sought to do with their recent Olympic-inspired campaign “The Anthem.” Although it’s primary function is to promote the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Adweek argues that ‘at a time when the world feels like a scary, fragile place, it focuses on bringing people together at one of the world’s biggest events.’

With taglines such as ‘one world, one anthem’, ’proud sponsors of a world without barriers’ and the hashtag #DoWhatYouCant, their campaign has tapped into notions of friendship, community and multiculturalism to promote a humanity that will resonate with many around the world.

3. Inject humanity where it is least expected

Surprising consumers with humanity where it is least expected is a great way to enhance the brand-consumer relationship across the marketing mix.

One such option is search. According to Australian site AdNews, search marketing is starting to get some soul. It is argued that despite the financial benefits of search ‘it’s the human insights that get search marketers fired up in the morning.’

Now marketers are seeking to make search more valuable for users too, with features like audio search and YouTube becoming central to how people search for brands and information.

CMSWire has similarly argued that industry sectors like e-commerce can benefit from becoming more human. By simulating authentic, emotional shopping experiences such as visiting a boutique or artisan store, it is argued that e-commerce can become a much more experiential and social affair and benefit from humanisation of its strategy.

Whichever combination of top tips you choose, emotion, ideas and surprise are the order of the day, and an important way for your brand to remember its humanity.

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