All eyes on digital marketing: the results are in

2015 has been a whirlwind of a year for marketing so far. Yet one theme that has run throughout the year is the focus on digital marketing. No longer the sidekick to traditional TV and print marketing, digital marketing has in many ways become the go-to platform for brands seeking to engage their audiences and reach new markets around the world. In fact, 43% of organisations say digital permeates most of their marketing programs.

This week Econsultancy released the whitepaper from its Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing on the biggest Digital Trends of 2015. Written in association with Adobe, the whitepaper is based on the results of a survey in which over 6,000 business professionals have shared their insights and opinions on the biggest digital marketing trends of this year so far. Here’s just a few of our favourites here at OTB…


Marketing is no longer just about driving sales, it is about creating a strong customer experience, engaging your audience with your messaging and developing trust in your brand. This trend towards focusing on customer experience has become prominent the digital marketing arena, in large part due to the rising expectations of customers themselves and their desire to engage with the brands the love.

According to the Econsultancy report ‘customer experience is seen as the standout imperative for 2015 and beyond’ with 22% of responding companies saying it is the single most exciting opportunity for digital marketing this year. This result even outstripped the excitement surrounding content marketing, which has long stood at the forefront of digital marketing strategy.


The role of personalised content across a range of platforms has proven to be an important area of digital marketing strategy in 2015 so far, and only looks set to continue its ascendancy. According to Econsultancy ‘the emergence of targeting and personalisation (30%) as the highest digital-related priority area, narrowly ahead of content optimisation (29%) is an important trend for 2015’.

Although the report concedes that in reality early-movers adopted content personalisation in the latter half of 2014 and that the digital technology to optimise content has long been available, 2015 has been the year that the majority of organisations have begun to embrace personalisation and optimisation.

And it’s easy to see why – in a previous report written by Econsultancy and Adobe it was revealed that, on average, ‘businesses personalising the customer experience report a 14% uplift in sales’. With such a clear return on investment, the move towards personalisation and even omni-channel personalisation seems a good move for digital marketers.


As we move into the latter half of 2015, there’s never been a better time to embrace these important trends and ensure your organisation is staying up to date with the latest developments in the digital marketing industry. By integrating the techniques into your wider marketing strategy, it is clear to see that meaningful results can be gained and a good return on investment measured. If you need help putting your digital marketing strategy on the right track or integrating these insights into your current strategy, contact us todayto find out how OTB can help.

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